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Calling all yacht builders!

As the Fed's webmaster, one of the most popular questions that I am asked is "where do I get land yacht plans from?". Well the only plans that I am aware of are for British Landsailing's very own class 5 yacht, the FED-5. This yacht has proved successful in the U.K, and it has also been built in Australia and the U.S., where it was used for 'one-design' racing. If you are interested in building this yacht, there are more details on the FED-5 page.

The FED-5 is a great yacht, suitable for recreational sailing and racing, but it won't suit everybody. It would be great if we could get some information about other yachts that people have designed and built, so that other potential land sailors with the engineering ability to construct their own yacht can become involved in our sport.

It is important to understand that building a land yacht is not a project that should be undertaken without first gaining a thorough understanding of the forces that will act upon the craft. Commercial manufacturers have years of experience in this area, and they know exactly where the main stress areas are, they design the craft accordingly and use specific materials. When designing and building your own yacht, you should study as many yachts as you can. If certain parts of a yacht look 'over-engineered', they probably aren't, because the designer knew that they were high stress areas and that they required special attention.

The technical section of this website would be the perfect place for us to showcase the work of private yacht (or yacht parts) builders, so I am inviting anybody who has some construction experience to contact me, and we will get your work published, so that people with an interest in home-builds can benefit.

We can publish as little or as much detail as you wish. We can simply provide contact details to allow others to get in touch, or we can publish a fully detailed construction with material specs, working drawings, and photos if available. You decide what we publish, and of course, all contributors will be properly credited for their work.

If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact the British Landsailing webmaster.

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